3 H (Head, Hair and Hat)

Wig in between Hats
- Unwearable wig/Wearable cap
- Waterproof
- Heavy/Unbalanced
- Obscure the eyesight
- Transformable hair

Unidentified Cap
- Partly blocks sunlight
- Captures the scene of hair spread on the floor
- Mixed with different people’s hair
- Mixed with silicon and rubber
- Partly transparent/translucent

Hybrid Cap
- Epoxy with coloured human hair
- Unadjustable
- Transparent crown/ translucent brim
- No symbol, sign on the cap

Neutral Hat
- Hard and durable
- Unadjustable
- Waterproof
- No symbol, sign on the cap

Fragmented Cap
- Be careful to wear (It’s fragile)
- Penetrates sunlight
- Partly waterproof

Cap-shaped Sheitel
- Wigcap
- Partly shaded and waterproof
- Rigid crown part
- Change the hairstyle like a cap
- Epoxy lining

Wobbly Hairline Trilby
- Blocks sunlight and eyesight
- Extension of the hairline
- Transformable hair

Unidentified Hat Part
- Decoration object
- Cherish human hair

Rubber Trilby
- Waterproof
- Flexible size
- Opposite to Richman’s favored hat
- Function as plunger or suck something

Imperfect Chullo
- Half Silicone + Half real hat
- Half structured
- Partly flexible
- Waterproof
- Cover wool material by silicone,
it weakens the original function of hat

Summer Chullo

-For summer use
-Commemorate hairline
-Epoxy lining

Hair contains rich personal information. We care about the aesthetics of hair but do not often consider the genuine anthropological meaning that hair contains. Through my Hairwears, which are unidentifiable, undefinable and perhaps undesirable, I highlight the different functions of human hair and transform people’s perception of hair with different whimsical suggestions.