Behaviour Jewellery

This project is about reconsidering people’s behaviour, action and gesture through 3 sorts of wearable gears, which works with specific places and situations such as gallery opening party, on the table and in the public transportation. Sometimes when I do something, I just laugh because my body moves without my consciousness. Through this project, I’d like to make people more aware and cherish their unconscious action.

So I made a Behaviour Jewellery with different objects connected by bone-like structure, which cover our body. It could make our subconscious action arouse to different kinds of results and feelings, for instance, unexpected, pleasant, embarrassing or satisfying.

Through these jewelleries, it’s interesting to see that how our subtle behaviours could make totally different outcomes depends on the tools or objects we use, and I’d like to give an enjoyable sometimes small pleasant moment by these from our mundane life.