Non-categorised Objects

I started off by making a clay teapot by hand, then transforming it into a digital 3D model, that was later transformed into ceramic. During this process, I realised the similarity between an inflated teapot and clothing. This doesn’t only apply to the shape, but also the function; a teapot contains water, clothing contains our bodies.

By combining clothing with an inflated-shaped teapot I would like to suggest new affordance of the archetypal teapot and clothing and explore possible new object categories.

Shall we call these containers? Jewellery? Household objects? Pets? And accordingly, how will people perceive these and behave/reflect on these non-categorized objects? Could there be more objects like these?

By blending different categories of an object, such as body-related containers (Bumbag), Legwear(Shorts), Bodywear(Jumper), Footwear(Shoes) and body accessories(Gloves) with hand-held containers (teapot), people can create their own use of these objects, as these are shapes people haven’t seen before. By the hybridisation of the teapot with fashion elements, the original function of the object is lost or transformed. This creates an ambiguity around the object and leaves the user wondering which part is a handle, which one is a container, how can this be worn or should he/she give up the action of wearing.