Triple Rings; Replicas from the yesterday, tomorrow

Recovering Covers -
LX Vintage pattern Boiler Suit  
Woven rattan, Tape, Tracing papers, Bias, Toy stuffing, Synthetic fur, Upholstery fabric, Zipper, Floor mat

Recovering Covers -
LLX Wig for baby 
Tape, Tracing papers, Wig, Toy stuffing,Synthetic fur, Upholstery foam, PVC, Shoes

Recovering Covers-
ML Military Uniform for men
Tape, Tracing papers, Synthetic fur, Bias, Piping, Lace, Pvc, Sleeve ribs

Recovering Covers -
SLX Outdoor Hoodie Apron
Tape, Tracing papers, Synthetic fur, Bias, Rope, Lace, Motorcycle cover parts, Coffee package, Zipper

Recovering Covers-
SX Golfbag Gear
Shoes, Tape, Tracing papers, Bias, Toy stuffing, Pvc Synthetic fur, Upholstery foam, Zipper, Snaps

Tie-dyed flag is either regional or international (2021) 
Tie-dyed leather, chain, zipper, wax-coated yarn, beeswax
131 x 94 cm

Recovering Covers-
LMLS Raindress
Coffee package, Tape, Tracing papers, Synthetic fur, Bias, Piping, Lace, Technical fabric

When strap becomes watch,
belt and scarf 
Leather, plywood, steel, bolts and nuts, wax-coated yarn, chain
65.5 x 5.8 x 311 cm

Recovering Covers-
MS Ceremony Holiday Wear 
Shoes, Tape, Tracing papers, Wig, Toy stuffing,
Synthetic fur, Upholstery foam, PVC
43 X 73.5cm

±15 Cloth/Shelving Unit (2020)
Chair frame, beeswax, wooden beads, various textiles, woven rattan, latex, silicone, rope, eyelets
99 x 52 x 122 cm

Recovering Covers -
LLLX Hands Warmer  
Ski gloves, Tape, Tracing papers, Wig, Toy stuffing
33 X 52cm


Photographs:Park Heesoo (Xi&Xiu), 성의석

     Thanks to evolutions in the human skeleton, an oxygen shortage, and rapid changes in the earth’s environment, the people of the 31st century have begun wearing architectural spacesuit-like garments. Meanwhile, the commercialisation of airborne transportation has led to the disappearance of wheeled vehicles. While attempting to reconstruct the clothing worn in the 21st century, 31st century anthropologists have discovered many different forms of clothes that were in use at the time.

     The various covers associated with 21st century mobility—automobile covers, motorcycle covers, stroller covers—have been combined with 21st century styles, resulting in the partial or entire integration of these mobility covers with garments of various shapes and characteristics.

From the standpoint of the 31st century, people are not accustomed to the idea of “masculinity” or “femininity” in clothing and the practical decorative role of clothing is ambiguous, certain things appear to have been fashion trends in the 21st century. These have been adapted in the belief that the outfits were worn by mutant varieties of humans who no longer exist. In their errors of interpretation, they combine mobility covers with different fashion items in incorrect ways, re-envisioning them through their own language.

       In the 31st century, clothing is created by welding and cogeneration, not sewing. All of these elements are seen as decorations for special humans or similar life forms, or as garments for particular religious occasions or parties.

      Viewing these adaptations from the vantage point of the 21st century—along with the nostalgia that 31st century humans feel toward the clothing of our era—we may sense the aesthetic value of clothing that we have taken for granted, the relationship between clothes and the body, and the hollowness we feel to see contemporary clothing stripped of its influences on us or transposed with something else.