Why Do People Cover Things?

The meaning of people’s action to ‘cover’ can be interpreted diversely depending on personal, political, cultural and social situations. By making 3 different provocative and intriguing pieces of ‘home-wears’, I have been stimulated by the objects and aesthetics of a table, kitchen and a shower booth. These areas are personal zones of safety for me, so to transform them into garments and be able to wear them in uncomfortable situations, is reassuring. One could change the perception of covering objects and by doing this, change our behavior toward that person/object that has been covered. This has been analysed in five different ways: to protect, to conceal, for comfort, to transform perception of an object and to personalise. To find out the potential meaning of covering the question is posed, how does covering objects change its parameters?

Clothing can be referred to as a ‘second skin’ which protects our body. These pieces are wearable. so It can help to protect objects when it put on the floor or table etc. Furthermore, It fulfills human instinct that human has a desire to feel secure by wearing this.

These homewears give a mysterious feeling to people. Because these 3 works look like that objects are attached to the flat fabric. However, it could conceal things, so nobody knows what is inside the cover. It could cover my body, at the same time, it shows my personal belongings to public. It intrigues people’s curiosity to guess what’s this object is, so people compare their table, kitchen and toilet to mine and they could build my identity with their own aspects.

3. Comfort
I feel relieved when I cover my body with a duvet or blanket. Also, I need a space for meditation and need time to release my stress away from busy life. This cover consists of my personal belongings from my room which are carefully selected by me. I visualise my studio’s state that objects are spread on the table, kitchen and shower booth, Their random arrangement is decided by me unconsciously/consciously. Therefore, when I bring and use these outside, I feel that I’m surrounded by my belongings and feel secure.

4. Perception
This cover can be an independent object, not a just for covering things. Also, I was wondering ‘why household objects have to always be in the house?’ so I brought my household objects from my studio (private space) to public. By wearing these covers, we have a chance to show our domestic objects that we spend a lot of time and money to buy those objects, to random people.
When objects are covered by things, the object’s features such as materiality, functionality and form could be blurred, transformed or disappeared. As people are using these, they can think about the change while objects are covered.
Also, people are playing with it and wearing it, they can possibly find other functions and usage of these pieces.
Through this experience, users can discover the unique meaning of cover themselves.

5. Personalise
By wearing these which are made based on my objects, I can bring those outside and put on the chair and table in the public spaces. After I put those, this space gets personalised because when we put our things on the table or chair, public objects temporarily get ownership.
Furthermore, when people use homewear, they experience my lifestyle (like role-play) and feel empathy.